Did you know that more than 74,652,825 web sites around the world use WordPress as their content management system (CMS)? To put that number into perspective, that’s almost one quarter of the worlds websites that use WordPress! The reason why WordPress is used so often is because it’s an open source platform (it’s free), easy

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Last week Adaptive Marketing attended the 2016 Canadian Internet Marketing Conference. At the conference a number of great topics were brought up, one that really resonated was the issues with online Transparency. Online transparency is a powerful concept, as well as a potential threat or opportunity that is critical to the success of businesses and

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Editor’s Note: Lubos Volkov is an experienced designer who has worked remotely with numerous developers throughout his career. As the product designer at Toptal, Lubos interacts daily with team members from a variety of departments including engineering, community, and content. He is a talented designer whose communication skills contribute to his success. In this tutorial,

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  The beginning is the most important part of the work Plato said that. Smart guy, that Plato.   When writing anything, whether it’s a creative piece for a blog or social, a press release, a whitepaper… anything – the most important part of the piece is the beginning. It’s what hooks the reader in,

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