6 Reasons Why Ranking In Google Is Paramount


6 Reasons Why Ranking In Google Is Paramount

6 Reasons Why Ranking In Google Is Paramount

For businesses of all sizes, virtual presence is key to success. Regardless what you’re selling, what market you’re selling to, or your size, the most difficult part of maintaining an online presence is making sure your content ranks as high as possible.

1. The Google Factor

Take a look at Internet Live Stats on any given day, and it will be immediately clear how often Google is used. On its own, Google searches account for 65% of searches worldwide. In a survey of over one thousand people, 84% reported that they searched on Google 3+ times a day. While certainly other search engines shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated, business owners must be aware of the Google Factor when creating marketing strategies.

2. Google My Business

Due to the ever-growing business presence on Google, the company has created accounts and applications specifically for businesses to manage their online presence. Using Google My Business, you can have a direct line of communication with customers, both through Google search and maps. With the ability to control the information that first comes up when your business is search, you can communicate your brand and identity without having to life a finger.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Moving beyond the impact of Google itself, SEO is difficult art to master. Because of the wide use of Google, there is an unbelievable amount of content to sort through. If your article or webpage doesn’t use proper SEO, it won’t make the first page of Google search results, which significantly lowers the chance of interaction. Most experts agree that SEO started within the first years of the birth of the first website, and grew with the need to sort through the increasing amount of information in order to find the most relevant results. Today, quality SEO is vital to getting traffic on your page.

4. Key-Word Turnover

Part of what makes good SEO so difficult is the rate of turnover. Just like the rest of popular culture, trends change quickly, and a particular blog post that was topping the search results last month might disappear under an avalanche of new results in the following weeks. Leaving aside general, key-word trends, researching for niche, industry-specific search trends can be hours of work for minimal pay-off. Staying at the top of the search results for long periods of time means you’ve tapped into the core of what others are searching for, and keeping track of key-words will help you stay there.

5. Adaptive Marketing

Maintaining your search-result presence is a clear sign you’ve entered into the world of adaptive marketing. By diversifying your content as much as possible, you can ensure that you are staying relevant to a multitude of markets, and adapting to the evolving needs of the markets in which you already have a prominent reputation.

6. Content Relevance

Finally, ranking in Google means, as a whole, the content you’re providing is relevant. While your business gives the first direction in what services to provide and what markets to focus on, studying SEO and the results of experimental adaptive marketing is key is creating new vision for your company, and continuing your momentum into the future.

Professional SEO Services

With popular search terms changing in as quickly as a few days time, every business needs professional SEO services that keeps content updated and relevant, leaving the rest of the workplace the opportunity to continue providing quality services through their designated departments. To learn more about our customized IT services, or find out if our team is the right fit for you, contact us today.

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